Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Dear bloggers,

Salamat sa napakarami nyong comments sa aking last post... SALAMAT!!!

HAHAHAHA!!! May nagbabasa pala nito no... Hehehe...]

Anyway, Nanalo ako ng D-SICAT Award!!! click here to know its history...

Aliw pala ma-home alone. Iniwan kasi nila ako na taong bahay dahil punta sila sa Loyola Cemetery...

Syempre walang tao, naligo ako na nakabukas ang pintuan!!! Kinakabahan nga ako eh... Baka may sumilip sa aking "ginintuang" ass!

Tapos, habang nagsasabon ako, parang may kumakatok sa gate namin... so labas ako. Syempre, baka makitaan ako at maging "un-virgin" at 19, nag-takip ako ng t-shirt ko.

Sana di nalang ako nagtakip... HAHAHA!!!

Tutal Holooweeeeen naman ngayon, I present to you the...

(According to Reader's Digest Oct 2006).


From Mexico. Furless, Pig tailed, wrinkled skin, Squinty Eyes. Pero pinaka lovable sa lahat at pinakamabango (read the comments made by the owners at google...) Click here for more info... Gusto ko nga mag-alaga pero isa akong loyal Cat Lover...

To Gary, eto na ung version ko ng D-SICAT AWARD!!!

Di ko ma-achieve yung parang "cinema" masks yung isa malungkot isa masaya kaya naging distorted yan... Yung rubber ducky, wala lang, bagay sa kanya eh...

Yun lang!!! HAHAHA!!! try ko pa gumawa mas maganda, minadali lang yan eh. Eh kung mag-organize tayo (yeah, all of you reading this) ng isang award giving body (for blog of course) na hindi ordinary at spin-off ng kung ano ano... diba maganda? heheheh....

Yun lang mag bloggers... Hanggang sa MULI!!! Naway multuhin kayo ng mabuting grasya...

Mikmik, sino ka man, kakaingit clustermaps mo. 12000! haaay...



Monday, October 30, 2006

Rosita, Rosita, Rosita...

Dear Prens...

Mahal ko na yata si Rosita.
Si Rosita ng Pinoy Dream Academy...
Di maalis sa isip ko ang mukha nya.
Parang kulangot na pinahid sa pantalon.
Grabe, iba ang alindog nya.
Sana ma-expel na siya...
Ayoko na sa kanya...

(honestly, nakaka-allergy ang presence nya sa T.V. kawawa naman siya kasi
kailangan nya ng pera para wag na sya balik dubai pero grabe!
mas matibay pa sa orocan plastics and pagka-plastic nya!
Poor Little Rosita...)


Para sa nakaakrami, I'm currently enjoying my staple of free international magazines... Free as in FREEE! no credit card required. hehehe...

Ang peborit ko ngayon ay ang Asian Oil and Gas Magazine. As the name implies, about sa Langis at langis at puro langis...

Kung gusto nyo makakuha ng free copy (to be delivered at your doorstep and be brought to you by your dog in case you have one.) click nyo lang <ito> para makapunta sa subscription page..

Early Christmas!


Diba sinabi ko dati that I wanted to be a singing superstar?


Wala lang... (heew! ang hangin!)


Salamat nga pla kay Gener na mambabasa ng blog ko, kala ko walang bumabasa dito sa aking blog dahil walang nagcocoment... Hahahah! Salamat din sa iba na pumupunta dito at sanay magcomment kayo...!!!

And to Isaiah, Sorry sa aking pagiging silent sa phone conversation natin... Im really sorrry...

May award si Gary Tarugo na gusto ko sana ipost pero Im waiting for his permission.

Saka gusto ko na palitan name ng blog ko, masyado generic... ejection seat, duh!

To ol may prens, Meri Krismas!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Hurray! Ang Sarap ng Longganisa!

Mga Manonood,

Natapos na rin namin ang aming newsletter at di kami sumunod sa Deadline! Hurray!
Sabi ng prof namin sa newsletter na yun, a journalist must be punctual! Hurray!
Baka di na kami makapagaral next sem! Hurray!
Wala na ring allowance! Hurray!
Joke Lang! Hurray!

Whoever you are na nagsabi na magpalit ako ng picture, I gladly obliged. Check my new pic, sanay magustuhan nyo...


May gusto akong i-share, pero medyo, lets say, healthful and very funny.

Ganito ang kwento, Gutom na gutom na kayo. Pag-uwi nyo, may nakahain na sandamakmak na longganisang mamantika sa inyong hapag kainan. Syempre gutom ka na, kinain mo lahat ng longganisa na nakahain. Maya-mya, may nag-iisa nalang na longganisa sa plato. Kakaiba ang itsura nya at sarap na sarap ka na para itoy kainin.

Question, ano sa ilalim ang napili mong longganisa. Answer in 1,2,3 or 4.


Friday, October 27, 2006

Snap Newspepor!

Dear peers who have sembreaks...

Thanks to God, the deadline for the TV ad (my last post) was moved to December 3! Buti nalang kasi ayoko ng mga FOOTages namin (I was disturbed during the shoot because of the malfunctioning [or broken] LCD of the camera.)

And as journ students, we are required to pass an 8-page newsletter tomorrow. Yeah, bukas, Oct 27, 2006!

Thankfully, me being a point-and-shoot photography enthusiaste, nagamit rin sa newsletter ang mga 5000+ stock photos na nakuha ko...

At least all the cramming makes sense at marami ring akong natutunan, that I like to photograph people esp. the faces, nature, cats and dog pooping! hehehe

Sabi nga ni Boy Abunda sa HomeBoy, "Usap tayo kaibigan!" (as if we can talk to television sets... helow!)

Hanggang dito nalang... e-ebs pa ako.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Direktor na Baluktot!

Dear Country Men,

Kahapon, shi-noot namin ang aming TV ad para sa isang elective subject. Kakapagod. and there's this LCD thingy thats keeping me depressed. (okay, we damaged something)

The ad is about a Lipstick (syempre lahat ng members ng group namin eh kikays, except me, i wanted to do an ad about a chalk. diba wala pa nagagawa commercial sa chalk? let me be the pioneer in chalk advertising!)

Upload ko dito yung ad pag tapos na. anyway, our product is LIPGLAMOUR lipstick, available is six colors. heheehe

our location was inside Pasig City Livelihood Resource Center. Garden na maganda. hehehe..

Haay, pagod na ako... gusto ko ng tulog. Pero directing (a film, shortfilm, music video etc. ) is rewarding! haay, dami ko natutunan. Like check the 5 day weather first, bring lots of fluids saka wag magsisiga sa set to create a dreany effect.

(ako yung nka Manila Shirt hehehe, di mukhang direktor,
mukhang epaloids! click the pic to enlarge.)

Maraming Salamat,

Anyway, pls read busted Isaiah's entry which she translated into two languages. hehehe funny. you can read it here.)


Saturday, October 21, 2006

Katagalugan Mode

Dear Kaibigans,

Yesterday, I've read all my blog post and I've found out that Im so bad at EngLISH!

so, Filipino mode again tayo with a touch of English...

In short, 80% Filipino, 10% English and 10% Swahili.

So there, sh**! im so bad at grammars... Im am a persons with bad english grammars...

Grabe, nationalista, Lets Go!



Monday, October 16, 2006

Dominating Pinoys!

Dear Friendsters,

I'm so proud of... us! We infiltrated friendster! hahahaha
Just try to search for someone, and you'll see the results:
I hope we can infiltrate MySpace!
Filipinos for world domination! Lets Go!


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Self Inflicted Liposuction

M y F e l l o w V i s i o n a r i e s ,
I Am Fat...
My body feels heavy...
I sweat profusely...
I smell like vinegar...
My fingers are huge...
I look clumsy...
My face is oily...


So, with the help of my trusty cellular phone, I discovered a way to alter my face and help me decide which part (my face) should I insert an unsterilized straw and suck fat...

here's the results, pic one please and tell me...
(Click to enlarge)

Geeeeeez, I think I'm gaining a pound a day... I'm now 220lbs.

Anyway, your comments makes me happy!
Gimme more!

Goodbye and Goodluck to my new face!

Your fatsucking buddy,

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Repenting for my Sins

Dear Classmates that gives me answers to the exam,

Last Wednesday, I visited a link on Ms Pam's blog. Its an online quiz on which level of hell a person belongs. Well, I went to the SEVENTH! (Beware! I eat cats!)

So in order to repent for my sins (and better be at the purgatory) I helped my mother (a devout catholic) clean our church.

(Self portrait! hehehe)

Eventhough I didnt mop the floor seriously ( it was all play, I promise) my mom (a living female priest) finds my mopping good and the floor's really shiny! (God bless me!)

(that's my mom)

(My mother and her magical broom...)

And that very day, my dream of becoming a lector came true! but only short lived because some idiot went near the altar and laughed at me and was evident at the picture... (Yes, he's an idiot, the village idiot which every baranggay has.)

I can sing the ABC song in perfect pitch! Superstardoom, here we go!


Also, on my way home from CCP today, our bus passed through this wrecked billboard structrue which in the news crashed on a bus. It is located in Magallanes Flyover.

Just thinking, the structure's position was really wonderful and magnificent, might as well profit from it by converting it to a "Manila's Killer Billboard Memorial"

Well, just kidding! Oh and thanks for the comments! I love reaaaading them... Im happy to know some people apppreciate my blog (which i created specifically to practice my english and make myself a little "Literate Coño"...) Tama nga si Gary Tarugo, there can only be one Pinoy Pop Supersatar! (with the devirginized Regine of course... [You've heard it right, Umamin na!])

That's it for today, I need to make some news articles...

Au revoir!

Dos the wreckage

Monday, October 02, 2006

Blackout, eat me!

Dear Weighless People,

When typhoon "Mileño" (which i unknowingly calls "Manileño) caused catastrophe when it passed by our country during its three hour voyage along our country (Redundant, eh?), I played with candles and spying on our neighbor's cat.

Anyway, to all the people affected by the aftershock of the typhoon, allow me to express my condolences for those refrigerators, televisions, cellphones and any electrical appliance that died during the power blackout (which were already resurrected, thanks to meralco)

As a form of my sorry, here is a photo montage I created with my very cooperative friends during the time we waited for someone we would interview. it is titled:

"Palimos, a Journey through the Lurking
Boredom Inside an Airconditioned Room"

Click on the pic to enlarge.

(Interpret it on your own and be sure to share it with me!!!)


By the way, I've got a confession to make...
I want to be a singing superstar!
Go on laugh, i'm dead serious...
but with a twist of course...
my songs would be sung ONLY while whispering...

***Anyway, thanks for the comments, i enjoyed reading them... my last post about the lipstick was my favorite commented post. Some of you wanted me to try another shade of lipstick, uhmmm let me see... hahahaha!

Wow! comments! I love them!

Au Revoir!