Thursday, August 31, 2006

Death and stuffs... Weird...

YESTERDAY, we went to the Loyola Memorial Park in Marikina to visit my grandfathers grave. There's no particular occasion, only because its a clear day and my grandma wanted to plant some plants on top of the tombstone.

I got sad that day because my grandpa, which we call "Tatay" tells me stories about World War II which is one of my favorite topics...

Then I saw this strange cat that keeps following me... She's alone too...

I wanted to adopt her but I can't.


While eating the snacks we brought, I saw this man walking regally holding a pot of flowers. He looked so sad, based on his footsteps.

When he left, i looked at the tomb, its her wife. So sad... I don't want that to happen to me...


That day, I saw this dog in front of our gate. He's dead also...

So sad, I wanted to be a dog myself and teach my master about the Jewish Holocaust.


By evening, I checked my e-mail and found this very shocking message from Titus-Brandsma.

"Patay na si Ka Elmo"

Ka Elmo (photo courtesy of is an Indie Artist (thats what I want to call him.) I've worked with him with Khavn in Ang Pamilyang Kumakain Ng Lupa, an indie film. The last time I saw him was at the movie "Kapag Tumibok Ang Puso".

So sad, he's a very jolly person. The indie film society would surely miss him...


While at the cemetery, we talked the Mang Teddy, the caretaker of my grandfathers' grave. He told us that yesterday, they unearthed a coffin buried in 1974 to collect the boned and combine t with its relative in the same grave. When they opened the coffin, they saw the cadaver still intact and lets say "Fresh" with its flesh and everything...

That got me wondering, is that dead person does'nt want to die yet?

Oh, I'm feeling so sad today...

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Jeepney Buggers

Today was the worst jeepney ride I got on my entire life!

While I'm riding a jeepney to take my tired body to home, there were 2 persons in front of me that keeps on laughing after looking at me. What the #^%@! Anyway, to keep my composure, i just read the reviewer for tomorrows exam. The hell! they imitated me by bringing out an FHM Magazine!

So irritating! Anyway, before they stepped out, i caught them on video! Notice the guy looking at me and the camera. Wala na siyang kakampi kaya patingin-tingin nalang... hahaha!

It really made my day bad. bad. bad. bad.

Speaking of FHM, Sassy Girl Jeon Ji-Hyun is my current crush hehehe.

Anyway, I've heard in the news that the Solar System excludes Pluto... They removed Pluto because... Just read it here...


I heard somewhere a song with explicit lyrics in tagalog that is rumored to be sung by Ali Sotto... Hmmm... I'll post a link here if possible....

Monday, August 21, 2006

A Very "ORGANIC" Coffee...

My entry for today is related to my last post.

Syangapala, thanks to those people that visited here. Thanks also for leaving comments! (You know, i wouldnt write if no one would read...) Salamat ng maraming marami po...

Recap on my buhay... We blessed our greedy professors with countless of news articles they wanted as our midterm requirement last week. Hahaha! They must have a hard time with my subject-verb agreement! hahahaha! Lagot sila!

Anyway, let me introduce you to this infamous "Philippine Civet Coffee"

Imagine, a coffee made from an animal? Not exactly. To make the story short, this coffee is made from undigested coffee beans that is extracted from the droppings of the civet cat. Yeah, droppings (Tae, Poo, Shit, Feces, LBM by-product, etc...) Wait, Tae + Poo + Shit - T = Taepooshi (Parang Korean name... Cute!) Back to the story.

The Civet cat or locally known as Musang, lives on coffee trees. These cats have the ability to select the sweetest coffee beans but
because they can't digest it, it turns out on their droppings... I asked the shop attendanton bout the taste and she said "Its very delicious with a very exotic flavor..." (What is an exotic flavor anyway?)

According to the very enterprising pinoy manufacturer/seller, it is the RAREST coffee in the world! And its only available at that store (pic below) somewhere in Tagaytay... At least, its from the PHILIPPINES! MABUHAY! (PIC SELLER) It also comes with a steep price of about FOUR HUNDRED PESOS per 100g bottle of ungrinded roasted beans. It's relatively cheap for cofibean but would he drink it? (If its good for his skin, i guess...) I'd better stick with my old favorite, freshly brewed kapeng barako with lots of sugar to feed my pimples...

Anyway, its for a good cause naman. Its for the conservation of the endangered Philippine civet cats.

Diba endangered narin ang Tarsier of Bohol which is famous for its Chocolate Hills?


Would you drink it?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I hate DOG owners

Kanina pagdating ko galing sa school, i stumbled
upon this innocent looking object.

It looks like those being sold at the Blue Magic gift shop.

Pero once you touched it, shit! its feels like shit!

Actually, ginagawang "Public Comfort Room" ang aming munting gate (harapan lang naman) kakainis kasi pag lalabas ako, parang "Game of Luck" ang mangyayari sakin... Di ko alam kung di ako makakaapak ng pupu o makakaapak ako ng Jackpot at maging badtrip buong araw.

Actually, 3 times na akong nanalo sa game na ito. hehehehe

My beautiful Mother, posted a note at our gate about the "pupu" problem:

Pakiusap, wag nyo pong hayaan
ang inyong aso na dumimi sa harapan
ng aming gate. salamat po.

But to no avail, its not that effective, we are still targetted at least 5 times a day. Nakakatuwa nga eh, yung mga "poo" nila comes in different varieties. Merong black, brown, red, yellow, blue[yeah, its true, pinakain siguro ng ube si poor doggy]. Meron ding Soft, Hard, Rock-Hard (day-old na siguro).

Gagawa nga ako ng isang post para madala naman ang mga pollutants.

Dear Dog,
Pakisabi sa Amo mo,
wag ka dito padumihim.
Thank You.

Di ako satisfied eh. So Im asking you kung anong magandang ilagay na post para sa mga stupid dog owners and dogs.


Sunday, August 13, 2006

Its been a week. sobra... after writing 5 news articles para sa newswriting class, ay another 5 pa. news stories... tapos my blog pa sa friendster di ko na nauupdate. I dont want to express here my qualms, kasi this would be my first blog entry dito sa blogspot in a year (yeah, i blog on friendster kasi ay sure audience ako dun, unlike here... i dont know anything, kahit magpalit ng font color!) anyway, i discovered cofibean's blog which is hilariously funny, sometimes, i hate him because of his views about the "orcs" and "Katutubo" na mga pinoy, pero ayoko na patulan... I want to be free and not affected... kakaawa naman siya, his katutubos were the ones fueling his company... haay... anyway, its raining here and i cant upload pics kasi im downloading the sukob trailer para mapanood ko... hehe... bakit kasi 94mb yung dindownload ko... haay...

kung may makakabasa man nito, hi hello! im dos ocampo, a frustrated filmmaker/writer. i say frustrated kasi di ako makagawa ng matinong shortfilm. haay...

i'll blog again sometime in a not so depressing mood. kailangan ko pang mag-aral sa statistics namin... nice schoolife with math talaga!@#!$!

Parang ayoko pa mag-logout ha, naku! kumiidlat.!!!!!


im a funny person, you know, hehehe...

honestly, i hate my template...