Saturday, May 30, 2009


Hi people,

I just happen to get the inspiration to open up and update this blog again.

This may sound cheesy/cliche or whatever it is because I am blogging about my blog.

I stopped blogging approximately a year ago when I started working.  After that, this blog has been in a dilapidated state, only getting noticed by absurd google searches for "PIGSA" and "EDERLYN."

I need a creative outlet for my feelings and I think blogging is the best way to do.

When I read my old posts in this blog, I noticed the DOS that's very different from my present self.  The DOS who doesn't care whatever people will say when he post photos of him almost naked with butt crack for the whole world to see, the DOS that writes whatever comes out of his mind and surpisingly, people are fascinated by it.  The DOS who's curiosity reaches the never ending staircase of question marks and the DOS who just happen to be a small person in the blogosphere who aspired to be a film director someday.

I hope this feeling... lasts!

Till next time,