Friday, September 22, 2006

Liftstickin' Placenta on my Lips...

Dear associates,

When I came to school this morning, our building feels so deserted and our room empty with the chairs perfectly lined side-by-side .

At 7:45 A.M my classmates appeared and polluted our room with noises ranging from Cath's whisper to Alvin and Kim's "Morning Tandem Hurray” but the opposite happened. I’m alone…

My humble self started to panic (Can’t stand being alone) when suddenly, Botbot appeared out of nowhere closely followed by Ate Deng. Seeing them feels much better than discharging all my urine trapped for 3 days.

Ate Deng said that classes have been cut for the University Wide Intramurals.

Without anything to do, Ate Deng, together with Virgie and Botbot created a scheme aimed at ruining my life-long-protected “reputation”; by putting some lipstick on my succulent lips.

Below is the video of the whole process… (its all gag, nothing more.)

and the final product.


After that, Ate Deng and I went to the Main Campus for some photolovin' photography sessions… (I'll post the pictures later...)

P.S. Finally, I’ve found Ms. Pam Miras blog (of the Bloodbank film fame). Yippee!!!

(Honestly, I looked "cuter" with lipstick but it tastes awful…)

Anyway, goodbye!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

My Shallowness Revealed!

Hello friends...

This is me, Dos and I wanted to commit Suicide.

The Suicide of a Unexistent Mind!

I don't mean to kill myself, just wanted to change my ideologies, outlook in life etc...

I have this strange outlook in life, to be shallow and not affected by social weather change...

Because serious people sometimes bores me...

And it pains me now. I cant understand poetry, simple jokes, novels etc... Even the simplest of simple instructions, my brain needs to buffer at high capacity.

And my shortfilms were pure elongated jokes...

My stories were pure humor.

I wanted to be serious, dead serious...

I think I became so Shallow, Now!

I want to be a little "deep"... Just a little, gradually, I'll be there...

Oh please... is there any plant I can eat to change my brain's wavelength...

How i envy Pam Miras...

But I dont want to die yet, I still need to win at Cannes, or Oscars... or just go to Poland and be a Holocaust victim.

That way, I'll never die, immortality gained! But that's not possible, I'm a mere human eating rice and breathing Manila's stale air...

Anyway, my cat needs some huggin'

Au Revoir!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Farewell Organized Time!

Dear Brethrens,

Starting today, I'll be watching over my cats 24 hours a day, 6 days a week (of course, I need a break)


I will be an irregular student next semester (or year).

I'm not allowed to miss my Statistics class with Sir Cortez (The man with the silver teeth) because I've
already been absent twice and his class allows only up to three absences. Three absences and you're out, dropped, expelled. Whatever.

Anyway, I woke up at
11:30 this morning and his class at 12nn because I did something bad last night which is really bad. (It’s not what you think it is. Its something with literature, spoiled literature.) Legally, I'm Late and therefore dropped on his subject!

Goodbye Regularity! I welcome myself to the Irregular Student's Society!

I hope so not.

Here I am blogging instead of going to school for our “Musicalle” presentation at Sir Jerico’s Class.... Anyway, my next class would be at 3pm (world lit). I hate 3 hour long subjects!

Honestly, I felt weird today... I think I'll just sleep with my eyes open at our classroom.

To all friends, pardon and goodbye!


Friday, September 15, 2006

Panic Post

I'm supposed to be on my way to school but I'm still here, surfing the net and rsurfing bout the Jewish Holocaust.

The Jewish Holocaust is the massive campaign by the Nazi to exterminate all the Jews just because of the crime that they "Exist".

They were gassed, shot on public places without reason, raped, reduced to 3rd class citizens, burned etc.

What an Evil WORLD!

God, I dont want to be Hitler...

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I've changed my phone's wallpaper to suit my
"Sarong Banggi" fever.

Really, it moved me until now.

I even attempted to watch it for the fourth (or fifth?) time last night but because our classes ended at around 9, its too late for the last full show.

Oh, cant wait for the DVD release...

Sunday, September 10, 2006

I've Watched a Gem Today...

Dear friends, I've watched a Gem today. The type of gem thats rare and beautiful...

Sarong Banggi
a Film by Emman Dela Cruz
(showing at SM Cinemas on a 1 week period only! From Sept 6-12.)

It's really unplanned, I'm just at SM Manila to buy the MMV-200 my tita asked me. I was inside Booksale with ate Lalaine when I suddenly uttered "Sarong Banggi"(I've read somewhere about it and that's it!) After ate Lalaine left, I immediately went to the cinemas and to my surprise, the Sarong Banggi trailer was being shown at the small TV near Cinema 1.

The trailer was really wonderful. I watched it for about 8 times without noticing the crowd gathering beside me.

When I was in the process of buying the ticket, the "Takilyera" asked me, "Cinema 1, Sarong Banggi?". I answered yes the she asked me the same question again.

At the entrace of Cinema 1, the lady guard, takilyera, saleslady (whatever its called) asked me again the question asked by Ms. Takilyera. Maybe they can't believe I'm watching... Its just so distracting.

(The trailer at the T.V. and poster of the movie[3rd one].)

Anyway, I went inside 4:32 PM but the next screening would be at 5:10 so I just squat near the CR at the hallowed hallway of SM Cinema 1. I listened some music from my phone in order to isolate me from the movie's sound and thereby spoiling me. The funny thing are the people, whenever they passed at me, would look at me puzzled. Maybe its their first time to see a man sitting in an Indian position inside the cinema.

5:10PM. What happened next is pure emotional roller coaster combined with Ube Ice Cream topped with gravel and mixed using the smallest spoon available at the fastest R/PM known to man. ITS PURELY WONDERFUL! my god, the UFO (they prefer smaller case, so "ufo") Pictures opening billboard was fantastic. and the next things undescribable. Its the first film I saw that totally isolated me from the cinema.

The next thing I know is that my feet hurts because of the super cold temperature.

The film is about a birthday boy that would be given by his friends his first sexual experience with a hooker. But because the hooker lied at the boys that she is 25 years old, they left her. But as the boys parted ways, birthday boy returned to the place of the hooker and a bond between them develops. I'll stop now. Go watch the film! ITS GOOOOOD!

(Stolen from Ms. Michiko's Friendster Profile.)

The hooker is Jackyln Jose (Shes the most beautiful prostitute I've seen.), and the birthday boy is Angelo Illagan (he resembles Bembol Roco, younger of course).

My only criticism is the credits. The red part of the credits cant be seen.. (Or its just the SANYO projector SM are using?)

Anyway, the film is good for the soul. Grabe. ANG GANDA!

Thanks to the magnificent handling by the director, Dir. Emman Dela Cruz and to UFO Pictures for bringing us this film. (How I wish to be a part of the elite circle of the ufo namely Michico Yamamoto, Raymond Lee, Ned Trespeces, Jade Castro, Emman Dela Cruz, etc... Kahit P.A. lang or volunteer.)

Go watch it before its too late.
You can't find this at your suki in Quiapo


(did I spell "undescribable" right?)


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Batasang Pambansa's Session Hall, the best place to sleep.

"Session Adjourned" was the words me and my classmates wanted to hear during our visit at the Batasang Pambansa's Session hall which a session is on (redundant eh?)

We went inside the session hall at 4:00 PM while my stomach is aching because of the Gulaman drink I bought at the Congress' canteen which in my speculation, the seaweed used on the gulaman was affected by the Guimaras Oil Spill. (Just Joking)

As usual, the congressmen were late because they have a weird orientation about time which their one minute "breaks" lasts an hour. No wonder our laws were crawling to get passed.

And there's this person that "blabs" the words of a "document" faster than the blink of a fish's eyelids. We cant understand him. He talks like this: "The doment nber 5 ts" which is actually "The Document Number 5 lists".

And the congressmen were just chatting around with their compadres on La-z-y Boy seats while laughing and talking about their sex lives...

Well, not all of them were like that because I saw this congresswoman with 2 piles of reading materials/documents. Each pile can be estimated to be 1-1/2 feet high.

Not Bad.

Aside from these problems, the architecture of the hall was magnificent despite having 62, 1000 watt floodlights lighting half of the hall. I thought the government is saving on electricity?

But I like the place, so calm and tranquil; its the best place to sleep.

(Anyway, I've posted some photos about this on this blog.)

The Philippines' Newest River!

I present you the Philippines' newest river!

the E. Rodriguez River! (A.k.a. Aurora River)

Its right in the heart of Pureza St. and E. Rodriguez Ave. under the Pureza LRT Station at the very heart of Sta. Mesa, Manila!

But this river only appears when raining.


Yesterday, I went to Paula's house at San Mateo, Rizal to repair their computer.

Paula is a nice girl.

Their family operates a Drinking Water business.

Paula is a beautiful girl.

Her mother is so youthful and kind.

Paula is an intelligent girl.

We went to Sta. Lucia mall that evening.

Paula is a happy girl.

Sta. Lucia mall is... dim.

Paula is a Filmmaker!

Nothing more...